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In Looking Caza Real Estate Agency we make sure to focus all our efforts, our time, and the knowledge that we have through all the years of experience in this area, to offer to our clients the best service. Making sure that we will sell their home and we will have an easy-going process in which they will be informed as well as in control of as much as possible!


When it comes to Real Estate, there’s a big friend that makes it work perfectly: Marketing. So we focus on making sure that our strategies are top notch, from social media, to calling our colleagues to offer their clients the property. We knock on each and every door smartly to make sure we are able to close that deal in a snap.


You can check out our list of selling properties as well as to see what strategies we have used on them as a proof of what we can do for you and for your family. You will see how we have grown and how many other new strategies we have been implementing through the years.


We have an amazing system that helps us know exactly how much your home can be sold. Please contact us and subscribe to our page and we’ll send you the information right away to make sure you know every detail of it!


As we take care of everything from a legal standpoint, these will not be something you will work with directly! However, we will definitely let you know how this works.
An escrow is an amount of money that’s put on a third party to ensure the process of the sale goes smoothly, and that amount of money will be held by that third party until the end of the process is over, and the house is sold. The closing costs work directly to the escrow, and is part of the legal process paid with either one of the parties.


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